My Own Private Photobooth

I am just about to update you all on the awesomeness that was Brooke and Owen’s wedding.  But in the mean time, I just wanted to share this little piece about the photobooth we put together for them…

Originally, Brooke and Owen had booked me for ten hours of shooting on their wedding day.  But as we chatted during their e-shoot and site viewing weekend, it became clear that they wouldn’t really need all that time.  And what Brooke really wanted was a photobooth.  My regular go-to gal for photobooths was already booked!  So I hired another assistant for the day, the lovely Alex Fabiano (who is doing marvelous things in the studio and on location for me this year), brought some funky props, used the handmade quilt Brooke’s grandma made for her ceremony as a backdrop, and voila!

It was hilarious to see how into it people got, running back and forth with more people in different combinations, incorporating the chalkboard thought bubbles Broke and Owen had out at the tables.  The best was seeing how much Brooke loved it and used it!  Such a great way to get photos of everyone at your wedding.  These will go into the web gallery so people can get prints from the pro lab.  And Brooke and Owen will get them on their DVD, included with all the rest of the wedding photos from their day.  So much fun!


P.S.  Check back later this week to see more pix made at Brooke and Owen’s wedding!

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