Brooke and Owen, Wedding at Stone Tavern Farm

I’m not sure words can convey just how styling Brooke and Owen’s wedding was.  First, Stone Tavern Farm is a very cool venue with gorgeous mountain vistas everywhere, horses wandering in fields, and a very well-kept collection of old-school farm structures.  But then you add Brooke and her friends to the mix (who spent the engagement period culling what they loved best from wedding blogs, magazines and other friends’ weddings, and then, like little elves, weaving it all together into an event that was so very Brooke-and-Owen).  And then you add some of the loveliest family members and friends from the South and all over, who are dead-set on having the time of their lives.  It.  Was.  Awesome!

I can’t decide if my favorite part was Brooke’s impeccable taste and how it showed up in all those special details everywhere (the unfussily gorgeous dress and shoes she wore, the spiffy seersucker and pocket square Owen wore, the mason jar drinking glasses, the herb centerpieces complete with Chinese-cookie fortunes on the labels, the family-style tables, all the adorable signs everywhere directing and encouraging the fun).  Or if it was the incredibly inclusive and witty ceremony they prepared, which was presided over by their friend/officiant (who had the perfect balance of humor and reverence to keep everyone feeling emotional, but in a light way) while they passed around the rings for each guest to hold before they exchanged them.  I was definitely excited when Brooke asked me to set up a photo booth for her guests to enjoy.  And it was really fun to work with Cinderella4ADay again!  Plus, the band rocked, and the food was amazing!  Is it possible to have that many favorite parts?

So much fun to be part of it!


P.S.  See more photos from Brooke and Owen’s wedding on Facebook and in their web galleries!

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