Flush-Mount Album Sets, Delivered

Recently, I got to hand-deliver these lovely album sets that we lovingly/painstakingly created with two of our newlywed couples.  Taken together, they show off the whole gamut of parent book options within the flush-mount style.

Eileen and Mike chose the Ultimate package for their wedding photography, which includes a Bride’s book and two parent albums.  They decided on the flush-mount style, which includes matching books for the parents (a replica of the Bride’s book, only smaller).  Each album in the set comes with a custom cover.  Eileen and Mike chose the plum silk shantung for the big book and one parent book, and the distressed brown Madison NL for the other.  The thing I just love about this flush-mount book is the true panorama format on every single page!  Which was great for Eileen and Mike so we could confidently place the big group shot across a two-page spread and collage across the center seam on many of the other pages without fear of disrupting the photo in an awkward way (or across anyone’s face)!  I also love the thick, baby’s-board-book style pages, which feel really strong and sumptuous (ready to withstand many, many fingers).

Lindsey and Mike also chose the Renaissance flush-mount album for their Bride’s book.  And they got Lindsey’s parents a custom Renaissance album.  Aside from the custom cover (they chose the black Tribeca leather for themselves and the baby blue Gramercy leather for the parents), Lindsey’s dad was able to choose his own favorite images from the day.  For comparison, the custom book is slightly larger than the matching album (8×8 rather than 6×6), and it holds about half the number of images (up to 50 as opposed to the 100 that the Bride’s book usually contains).  I am completely in love with the new designs we put together with the new design software!

As you can see, Lindsey, Mike and I had a lot of fun playing with the images for each of the albums.  We could incorporate similar design ideas for both albums, but make it really unique to each, as well.  The top of each set shown here is the Bride’s book while the second version is the parent’s.  For example, the party grid we used for Lindsey and Mike’s album was updated with pictures of Lindsey’s parents’ friends for their album.  And the bridal party picture Lindsey and Mike liked was slightly different from the one her parents chose.  Now Lindsey and Mike have two albums with tons of pictures to help them remember their wonderful wedding day.

I loved Lindsey and Mike’s book (and wedding and them!) so much that I made theirs into a new sample album for the studio.  I chose the Gramercy leather in cement with a handmade black and white print for the inset, modeled after Linda and Brian’s book cover choice.


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