More about the Matted Sets

Putting together that post yesterday on the flush-mount album set options, I suddenly realized that I forgot to do one on the matted set I recently made!  I know I showed you Jenna’s custom set.  But I never shared this!

Emily and Bradd went with the Ultimate package option for their wedding photography, and they chose the Ambiance book for their Bride’s album.  They liked the opal silk brocade cover that I had used in a sample for the studio.  (Both Ambiance and Renaissance have the same plethora of cover options.  Hooray!)  Included as parent books in the Ultimate package are two custom Brag Books.  Emily and Bradd were able to choose 25  images for each of their parents’ albums, as well as colors for the covers.  (I love how we put a photo with Emily and her parents on their book cover, and a photo of Bradd and his parents on theirs.)   Totally cute, and a unique book for everyone!


P.S.  Even though the Brag Book has been discontinued by the manufacturer, I have a huge stockpile of them.  So it isn’t discontinued by me!

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