Courtney and Colin, Wedding at Full Moon Resort

When two artists call you to photograph their wedding, you know it’s going to be good!  Especially when one of them is a fiber artist and will make by hand various elements of the wedding decor: the curtain tiebacks, the pillows.  And when the other is a rocking dancer!  And especially when the both of them are the nicest people ever, completely in love and surrounded by some of the happiest and loveliest friends and family.  Such a great day…

Everyone is doing the First Look this year.  It’s such a great thing to have that weak-in-the-knees moment to yourselves, to say hi before the ceremony, and to make some nice portraits of you alone before the day really begins.  And Courtney and Colin let that lead into family and bridal party pictures, so that they could spend the whole cocktail hour just saying hello to everyone.

Courtney chose the gorgeous fabric for her wedding dress and then worked elements of it into the rest of the decor for the day.  There were half circles on the double chocolate wedding cake.  The blue carried into a patterned fabric that lined the invitation envelopes and echoed as an  accent on her clutch and the fabric beneath the place settings.  And there were wonderful surprises in texture everywhere.  The menus were printed on wood and echoed the escort card chart.  And both Courtney and Colin went all out for their bridal party.  Courtney collected the various ribbons that decorated the chairs at the ceremony and the flowers that the bridesmaids held.  She also collected vintage pins and matching earrings for her bridesmaids gifts.  The guys all wore unique patterned ties with their seersucker.  And they updated some fun wedding traditions, like the old family photos hung on a tree, a groom’s cake decorated with a song lyric and surprise fireworks at the end of the night.

We set Kathryn up with a tripod, and she made this gorgeous shot of it.

With all their DIY flair, I’m so glad I get to do Courtney and Colin’s album so I can keep collaborating with them for a while!


P.S.  See more images from Courtney and Colin’s wedding on Facebook and at their web galleries!

7 thoughts on “Courtney and Colin, Wedding at Full Moon Resort

  1. Hillary! Extraordinary! You have captured so much emotion in these photographs…and in me looking at them! Thank you for the memories!

  2. Sooooo gorgeous & such a memorable weekend with “family” Puckett’s, Slimick’s, getting to know the O’Con’s & many others.

  3. The pictures capture all the excitement, love and fun we all had. Wish we could go back in time and do it all again! Beautiful!

  4. The photos are simply beautiful and capture how special Courtney and Colin’s wedding was. It was a memorable weekend filled with love and laughter, and one I will not soon forget.

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