Julie and Kieran, Wedding at the Inn at Stone Ridge

Julie and Kieran have one of those hopelessly romantic love stories.  They’ve already been together through the thick and thin of college, and they are already each well established as family in the other’s.  So they decided to celebrate their partnership with a private wedding at the Inn at Stone Ridge that was as gorgeously styled as it was intimate.

The celebration was a great mix of designed and homespun help.  First of all, everyone should look this good in a wedding dress!  Julie’s was designed by Selia Yang in SoHo (who designed both of Julie’s older sister’s wedding dresses).  The flowers were by Dennis at the Green Cottage (one of my favorite florists in the HV).  And Maxine in Accord did the cake, which Julie just couldn’t get over when she saw.  That was the design part.  Then, Kieran’s mom made the pillow to carry the rings, Julie’s brother-in-law got ordained to officiate, and Kieran put together a play list on his iPod for the dinner and dancing.  The homespun help.  And the delicious food was by the Inn, of course!  It all made for a casually glamorous weekend for Julie’s and Kieran’s families, and it showed how much fun everyone was having when each person took a turn toasting the couple and sharing a story during the wedding night dinner.

Alex and I were honored to be two of only just-shy-of twenty people at the wedding that weekend.  We came on Friday night to photograph the rehearsal.  There were cocktails by the bonfire and dinner following, inside.  We came back Saturday night for everything from the getting ready to the dancing.  It was a lovely way to spend a beautiful weekend.

Congratulations to one big, happy family!

P.S.  See more photos from Julie and Kieran’s wedding weekend on Facebook (rehearsal and wedding) and at their web galleries.

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