Leah and Philip, E-shoot on the Hudson

Leah and Philip don’t live in the Hudson Valley.  So it was just a few emails back and forth between Leah and me that sealed it that I would get to photograph their wedding.  With that wedding right around the 6-months-away corner, we thought we’d get together now, to meet and for their engagement session.  They came to my place on a gorgeous August afternoon.  Since I’ve done several e-shoots on the Rondout, I wanted to keep things fresh for Leah and Philip, not simply re-creating pictures I’ve made for other couples.  So this time, we went to the waterfront and train tracks before taking a walk around the block.  Just a small change in routine makes all the difference.

Turns out, Leah and Philip are the sweetest sweeties there are, and way more photogenic than either of them knew!  So much fun to meet them.  I’m looking forward to these months ahead to continue to get to know them and their love story, and to being with them on that most wonderful wedding day!


P.S.  Check out more of Leah & Philip’s e-session photos on Facebook and at their web gallery.

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