Victoria and Robert, Wedding at the Kaaterskill

Every once in a while a wedding has really, truly unforgettable weather.  There was the one where lightning threatened to strike us and our metal tent poles at the top of a mountain. There was the other – the only wedding I’ve ever seen – where it just plain rained all day long.  Victoria and Robert’s wedding was like that.  Virtually every weather system that one day can hold happened at their wedding: first bright, hot sunshine; then clouds and a breeze; then a storm that we watched roll in across the sky; then one of the most gorgeous sunsets ever; then a lovely calm night with misty spritzes of drizzle.  It also happened to be the first time I’ve ever seen an officiant stop the wedding and instruct the couple and guests to run for cover!  But it all happened to the most in-love-iest people, with the coolest families and the most kick-off-your-shoes-in-the-rain friends, and the hippest new wedding planner around (don’t you just love those old-fashioned, farm-inspired vignettes in the decor?).  So everything turned out even better than all right.

Flowers: Victoria and Robert did their own arrangements using flowers from Adams Fairacre Farms; Robert bought Victoria’s dozen roses from Jarita’s Florist

Wedding Planner: Gina Maloney

Caterer: Hickory

DJ: Dave Leonard from JTD

Venue: The Kaaterskill Inn

Photographer: Guess who?

P.S.  See more pictures from Victoria and Robert’s wedding on Facebook and at their web galleries!

3 thoughts on “Victoria and Robert, Wedding at the Kaaterskill

  1. I am Rob’s Aunt and I love what you have shared so far. It was one of the funest weddings I have been to in a long time, despite the weather. The love for these two was so evident, especially when we all had to scatter into the barn for the vows and surround them with our joy and caring.

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