Fantastic (Finagled) Formals!

As soon as Victoria and Robert‘s wedding ceremony ended, their cocktail hour began.  And it was pretty obvious that, with the crazy rain storm outside, we were not going to be able to leave the barn for a while to do the formal group photos.  We’d done some of them ahead of time, but just each side separately as Victoria and Robert wanted to save their first look for the aisle during the wedding ceremony.  So we still had all the big family pictures and the bridal party altogether to do, not to mention some private ones of just Victoria and Robert alone.  Luckily, the Kaaterskill is so picturesque that pretty much anywhere you look, you can make a beautiful portrait happen.  It took some finagling to get all the pictures on the list.  We did the private portraits on the porch of the boat house and used various corners of the barn while the cocktail hour raged on the other side.  Kathryn and I also kept a close eye out for any opportunities when the rain let up outside, and seized the moment(s).  (And there are always those moments!) Of course, it helped that Victoria hiked up her dress, threw on her cowboy boots, and she and Robert literally ran through the rain and puddles to get their pictures!


P.S.  See more pictures from Victoria and Robert’s wedding on Facebook and at their web galleries!

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