Carolyn and Chris, Wedding at Mount Gulian

There are some weddings that are just so lovely in how mellow and down-to-earth they are – where everything seems to just fall into place effortlessly, where the couple just seems to be relaxed and enjoying themselves, where the party is such a blast because everyone is just having so much fun chilling together.  It’s these kinds of weddings where you really get to share in a couple’s unique relationship.  This is what happened at Carolyn and Chris’ wedding.  We all got enveloped in their steady, happy vibe, surrounded in the beauty of eco-conscious elements (specialty wood wedding bands made from the trees that helped begin their love story!), handmade decorations (designer hole-punches on the gift bags! baby photos in canning jars for table numbers!) and enjoying some of the best food, views and history around the Hudson Valley.  Thank you Carolyn and Chris for being so totally awesome.


Venue: Mount Gulian Historic Site

Catering: Bridge Creek Caterers

Florist: Good Old Days Florist

Music: BOK – Music

Officiant: Elizabeth Phaire

Wedding Dress: Leanimal

Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Coralie Beatrix

Rings: Stout Woodworks

Photography: Guess who?

See more images from Carolyn and Chris’ wedding on Facebook and at their Web Galleries!

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