Engaging Sessions

October is engagement shoot season, and these three shoots show exactly why.  Each couple brought me somewhere that meant something to them, and the weather for each one (some even on the same day as each other!) worked out perfectly to create a special mood.  I tried, as always, to make pictures that were as unique as each couple and their love story.

Sara and Bryan brought me hiking at Bear Mountain State Park, one of their favorite places.  They even scoped out locations so their pictures would have a different backdrop than what they saw in photo shoots online (a fun assignment, I think, especially with the park’s awesome Octoberfest).  Then, to make it a perfect picture of their burgeoning family, they brought along their sweet dog.  See more pictures from their shoot at their web gallery.

Ashley and Steve took me to the farm where Ashley boards her horse.  We had a great time driving out to spots she chose for us during her rides and stopping whenever I noticed something photogenic (which were plentiful).  See more photos from their shoot at their web gallery.

Fran and Steve invited me to Dumbo for their shoot.  It was so fun to explore all the beautiful new developments in the neighborhood, like Brooklyn Bridge Park and the carousel, and to re-visit some of my favorite spots.  See more photos from their shoot at their web gallery.

And then, Leah and Philip’s save the date card arrived in the mail with a photo from their shoot!  Perfect timing.

Can’t wait for 2013!!


P.S.  See more on FB.

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