Shh… Don’t look at this sneak peek of my holiday cards!

I really don’t want to show you my holiday card for 2012 yet, but I really sort of do, too!  The web gallery provider I use just created this fantastic new feature where you can design a card from any photo in the galleries using their beautiful and modern designs.  When I first checked it out, I fell in love with this particular design and just knew I had to tell you all that you could do this for your holiday cards this year.

These are my beautiful babies.  You wouldn’t believe the amount of bathroom humor required to get them all to smile and look in the same direction at the same time.  (I fear that my younger daughter will show off The Butt Dance to her preschool class now that she’s been given the idea…)  But it was totally worth it, don’t you think?

To design a card from one of the photos in your web gallery, simply click on the image, go to the “Buy” button in the upper right corner near the image, and click “Create a Card”.  You’ll see holiday, thank-you and even blank designs.  (Blanks are great for Save the Dates!)  Drop me an email if you need help with your design or need to have the image you want to use reconfigured and re-uploaded to make it work with their designs.  Cards come in 4×8 panoramic flat cards and 5×7 folded cards.  I got the flat cards with envelope for my fam, and it looks great!   Maybe you’d like to give your friends and family a real, pro photograph this holiday season, too…


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