Erika and John’s Mix-and-Match Book Set

This week saw the arrival of Erika and John‘s finished Renaissance album!

HHP Ren10x13_0001s

They mixed and matched their book set by pairing their Renaissance album with two parent Brag Books in their wedding photography package.  Maybe you remember the Brag Book we made a while back for Erika’s parents?  Now John’s mother also has one!

HHP Ren10x13 collage

Erika and John chose the 10×13 size with Pastel NL Lime cover.  It’s such a great size because you can make huge enlargements on the page, plus it leaves loads of room for fun collages.  And it’s only available with the Renaissance digital flush-mount.

HHP Ren10x13_0005s

I’m going to meet up with Erika for a cup of coffee, and I can’t wait to show her how the albums came out.  It’ll be so fun to see her and catch up and re-live her wedding!


3 thoughts on “Erika and John’s Mix-and-Match Book Set

  1. We can’t wait to see the finished album and relive the beautiful wedding all over again. Outstanding Hillary!! You are amazing.
    Erika’s Parents

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