Headshots for Child Actors

My older daughter and her friend are dying to be actors!  So when my friend asked if I would make headshots for her daughter, I jumped at the idea, thinking I could do some for my daughter, too.  We have a great smiling shot of her that I did during our Christmas card photo shoot last winter, but they need a theatrical/serious shot, too.

I love this one we made of her.  I could look at it all day long.

HHP ZoeFrancesHarvey_0008wm

For her friend, Celeste, it was easy to get those serious shots.  She’s a serious little lady.  For the laughing ones, I did what I do with babies – popped out from behind the camera making silly noises and faces.  Works on everyone!

headshot collage

And while you have the camera out, you might as well play, right?  So we made this photo of my older daughter as the young Cosette in the Les Miz DVD cover.  The shot of my younger daughter is actually her mother-baby photo she requested we make when my friends, Ellie and Kelsey, came over for a visit with their new baby.  But it works, right?


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