Shana and Cameron’s Retro E-shoot

HHP ShannaCameronE_0306I have never done so much location scouting in my life!  Shana had this awesome idea that she wanted her engagement session to be a little bit retro with a moment in the woods.  And it was the most fun challenge for me.  Retro is big in the Hudson Valley.  (And so are woods, of course!)  I thought it would be totally fun to do the shoot at the vintage cocktail bar in uptown Kingston, but they’re closed on Sundays.  The hip, new restaurant with a similar vibe down the block didn’t open until dinner.  Woodstock has the best woods, but their retro options were of a different era.  Finally, we settled on Hurley, where we could explore (I’m not saying we trespassed or anything) the old Catskill Mountain Railway Company’s train car and tracks, then take a quick drive down to one of the HV’s famous rail trails and then hop over to the gorgeous old stone houses for a little Revolutionary retro.  It was the perfect mix!

HHP ShanaCameronE CollageI’m posting more photos from the rail car here because it’s such a unique space, but there were tons of great ones from the trail and houses, too!  You can check them out on Facebook and at their web gallery.


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