A Day in Boston

I don’t believe in business trips… not the kind where you fly in moments before and fly out right after the job.  Why miss the opportunity to explore a new place or revisit an old haunt?  So when Jenny and John invited me to photograph them in Lincoln, Mass, I made plans to live it up with two of my favorite guys in Boston.

Boston CollageMy husband and I arrived the night before the wedding with our son and enjoyed a lazy dinner at the hotel and an early night in the most comfortable bed ever!  The next day was beautiful!  My husband took our son to the Commons meanwhile.  On Sunday, the three of us headed downtown to explore the new ICA, now gorgeously located (literally) on the Harbor with two amazing viewing decks (a glass room in the museum and an outdoor deck available to the public).  (The Barry McGee show rocked, too!)  There was a music festival happening a little ways down the waterfront, and we stumbled upon this awesome fish shack.  It was so fun to relive old college days on the weird bus-train thing that is the T, and to see how strong Boston still is, was and always will be.

HHP Boston 060213_0091Thanks again to Jenny and John for inviting me out!


One thought on “A Day in Boston

  1. Beautiful shots of Boston and your loved ones! I especially love Iggy and your hubby overlooking the harbor in the ICA.

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