Wedding Albums ‘R Us!

The busy season has been even busier with all these lovely wedding albums we’ve been working on!

The Matted Albums


Jeffrey and Clodina were married in NYC in 2007.  They remembered an old book I used to offer and decided now was the time!  We recreated the look in deep red Gramercy leather with imprinting on the inside cover.  This was back in the days of 80% film (as opposed to these days of 80% digital), so the color has that warm analog feel.  And don’t you just love how those gorgeous handmade black & white fiber prints look?  Thank you, Frank Marshal!


These Ambiance albums are a labor of love, and Seiko and Mark have been so patient with the process!  We have been double-checking the design and prints on their album to get it just right.  It looks so pretty when the color prints are matted next to the black and whites.  Seiko chose the navy blue Madison NL cover with blind emboss imprinting for an understated feel.  So lovely.

The Flush-Mount Albums


Genevieve and Drew also chose to do a blind emboss on the cover of their navy blue Madison NL.  Isn’t that a coincidence?  Inside, their photos are printed directly on the pages, like a baby’s board book.

ImageImageCarolynChris Group wm

Carolyn and Chris chose the sage Silk Shantung cover with white imprinting.  This page shows how awesome the Renaissance album is with this full-page spread of the big group shot we did upon departing the ceremony.  Truly seamless on every single page!

We’re so excited to get these heirlooms into the hands and hearts of these new families.  We can just picture the grandchildren paging through them in the years to come.


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