Fran and Steve, Wedding at Full Moon Resort

HHP FranSteveW R2-18Sometimes it just takes thoughtful people from Brooklyn to really see how awesome a Hudson Valley space can be.  And with Full Moon Resort, there’s such an expanse of awesome to see!  That’s why Fran and Steve decided to show it off to their guests by scheduling their wedding events all over the grounds.  They had the run of the place for the whole weekend and assigned cabins and tents to guests for a very fun, let’s-all-bunk-together-like-one-big-family kind of feel.  Fran used the Moonlight Lodge to get ready with her ladies while Steve was with his people at the Streamside Cottage.  They met for a First Look and family photos in the Middle Field, and continued on for the ceremony in the Lower Grove, stopping at a new bridge over the stream from Trout Pond for a quiet photo.  When the guests departed the ceremony for cocktails in the House and on the front lawn, Fran, Steve and I took a stroll across the Lower Field, stopping along the Nature Path and Duck Pond, before joining the guests.  Dinner, speeches and dessert was in the Barn.  Then a sparkler parade led us all to the Performance Space for drinks and dancing.  All this movement meant a flowing, exciting party (well-coordinated by the staff and Fran and Steve’s relaxed mood), with lots to do and see.  Add in all those heartfelt speeches about wonderful Fran and Steve by a ton of so-happy-for-them people, and you’ve got the perfect wedding!

HHP FranSteve CollageVenue/Caterer/Planner: Full Moon Resort (Melanie)

Band: Astrograss

Florist: Elderberry Flowers

Hair: Mom’s stylist friend, Troy, straight from Cleveland

Makeup: Fran and her friends from high school

Jewelry: Noa Rottenberg Jewelry Design

Handkerchiefs: from Grandma’s vintage collection

Photo decorations: Fran

Cakes: Bread Alone Bakery

Photography: Guess who?

View more photos from Fran and Steve’s wedding on Facebook and at their web galleries!

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