Christmas Presents

You know how they say opening something can be just like Christmas morning?  Well, the books we just finished are done just in time to be under the tree next week!  Of course, they’re for the couples who are celebrating their fourth and first Christmases together (respectively), and they already knew it was coming.  But still, to relive all those wonderful wedding memories with all your favorite pictures and get to show it around to all the family you’ll spend the holiday with, that’s gotta be the nicest gift you can give yourself!

LauraTomMy breath was taken away when I saw Laura and Tom‘s Renaissance book.  This the first time I’ve seen a book with the Designer NL Bronze Spiral cover in the flesh, and it is so beautiful!  I love the inside, too, where we incorporated some of the designs my talented friend, Kerin Smith, shared with us.

LeahPhilAnd it was exciting to put together the proof book for Leah and Phil, especially because we just learned that their wedding will be featured at Westchester Weddings soon!  We put it together as their one-and-only wedding album, so it tells the complete story of the day in its full glory, with all the heavy hitters, as well as lots of fun ones.  We’ll, of course, share the link when the wedding feature is announced!

And Leah and Phil will also be getting their gorgeous black and white fiber print handmade by the one and only Frank Marshal, made from one of the film negs we shot at their wedding.  We can just see it framed on their wall now – a little bit of fine art starring the beautiful couple and their fabulous friends!

HHP fiberprint_0028swmWe hope you all give yourselves wonderful things this holiday season, too!


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