A Little Sun, A Little Sea, and a Little Family

I’m beginning to see why some people get into the wedding business.  Even more than being talented or a good people person, easy under pressure or killer with deadlines, in order to run a successful creative business that specializes in weddings in the Hudson Valley, you might really just have to be a summer person.  It seems that all my vendor-friends on Facebook are seriously lamenting all this snow and rushing off for the tropics at this point.  I must say, I am one of them.  Give me my tan lines back!  Let me feel a warm breeze (like a hot oven, preferably) blowing through my hair!  I want to stand in the stark sunshine in mid-day!  It must be what it takes to work an 8-to-10-hour day in sometimes 90-degree heat with 25+ pounds of equipment strapped to you, and some of us are just made for it!  So in that spirit, here are some warm photos from my recent week as a refugee from the snow, where I grabbed the fam, caught some necessary sunrays and made sure my sweat glands still worked.  I hope it warms you, too!

WPB collageHillary

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