Planning, Styling, Designing, Oh My!

If you know me, you know that one of my favorite things about photographing weddings is getting to know people.  We have so much fun working with people on their wedding days, it’s impossible not to keep up a relationship afterwards.  Sometimes, I get to meet adorable new babies and even watch them grow, if I’m super-lucky!  But even beyond the wonderful thing of watching people become a family (with or without the littles), a really fun part of the whole experience is watching how a wedding can transform a person. So often, the people I get to know are inspired – hence my little business catch-phrase (because it’s totally true!) – and can’t contain their creativity to their own events anymore; they have to share it with the world.

Danny recently made this leap and started LoveSpoon.  When he shared his gorgeous website with me, I was so thrilled to see my photos decorating it, and totally not surprised at this new chapter in his life.  Not only was his wedding so stylish and personalized, but he saw to all the nagging details with a real sense of calm and fun, to the point where it seemed to me like he’d planned a million weddings already.  It was so fantastic to work with him and Michael on their big day, and I am super-excited to work with Danny again at Kim and Graig’s wedding this fall!

UPDATE:  When Danny saw this post, his so generously offered special pricing to my clients!  Be in touch with either of us to book him for anything from full wedding planning to day-of coordinating.

Similarly, Kristin was just in touch.  She needed a headshot for work, but it turns out that her fabulous 1940s-style vintage wedding is a jumping off point for her, too.  Kristin is sharing her wealth of knowledge about all things vintage in the Hudson Valley, as well as offering vintage styling!  In fact, Kristin told me that if any of my clients want help styling their vintage-themed engagement or portrait sessions, she’s available with special pricing!!!  (Be in touch with either of us, if you want to jump on that offer!)

And for those of you who are in the family way, Adrienne was recently in touch with her newest venture.  (I totally wish I’d had one of these cute bags a couple years ago!)  You see, Adrienne is an experienced mama and auntie now, as well as a practically-minded fashionista!  She designed and makes these, and she offers information and support for breastfeeding mamas, too!

I hope you all will stay in touch, too!  It’s so much fun to see where your weddings take you!


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