Gina and Bryan’s Renaissance Album

More goodies arriving every day!

HHP RacanelliKaneAlbum collageGina has a real editorial sense of design, and she focused a lot of her picks on portraits of her and hubby, Bryan, so her album has the look of a luscious, timeless, durable magazine.  So many of her books’ pages are my favorites.  I love how great the bridal party shot looks at this giant size and the way the story ends on such a romantic note.

HHP RacanelliKaneAlbum_0002swmThe black and white print and the subtle silver inscription on the opal silk brocade cover just makes my day.

I can’t wait to get this into her hands!


2 thoughts on “Gina and Bryan’s Renaissance Album

    1. You’re so sweet! It was my supreme pleasure. Gina made everything sing with all her fantastic ideas and preparations, and Bryan gave it all a smooth and fun flavor. Those two are the best!

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