My Failed Pinterest Party

I am a Pinterest-party-planning wannabe.

No one in my family is born in the summer.  Until my second daughter, Sabine, came along!  Her birthday is the one chance I have all year of throwing a lovely garden party.  And lucky for me, she is a happy collaborator when it comes to planning something particularly girlie and sweet.  This year, Sabine and I trolled Pinterest looking for fun party ideas.  Mermaids?  Strawberry shortcake?  Blueberry shortcake?  Eventually, she settled upon a fairy theme.  Very appropriate, don’t you think, for a 5th birthday party?

HHP FairyParty_0028And Pinterest is a treasure trove of fairy party ideas!  Unfortunately, many of them didn’t work for us in real life.  Our fairy dust came out black instead of pink.  I needed a net to ward bugs off the snack table.  And our toadstool cupcakes, while wildly delicious, needed some explanation.Untitled-2-3Untitled-1 But, in the end, I think we put together a beautiful party… on Pinterest.  And in real life, we had a great time with friends who cared more about celebrating with us than about how red our icing turned out.  All the big sisters did a beautiful job with the face painting.  The boys made a super-fun train track.  And Sabine and I spent wonderful hours licking that icing bowl together as we prepared for the big day!HHP FairyParty_0017 HHP FairyParty_0014HHP FairyParty_0025 HHP FairyParty_0031 HHP FairyParty_0030b HHP FairyParty_0021If you’re like me, you might want to call my party-planning-, party-designing- savvy friends at Hudson Valley Ceremonies, Cinderella4ADay, Floral Fantasies by Sara and A Night in Bloom, for whom I have *even more* renewed respect!

HHP FairyParty_0039Hillary

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