Kelly & Tony {Engagement Photos at Kingston Point Park}

“I’ve got waterfront, boats, bridges, old railroad tracks, some woods and trees, a playground, a beach, you name it!” I told Kelly and Tony.  And I do, just within a mile or two of my studio.  Kelly and Tony narrowed it down to the woods for a Texas vibe… and they’d take some waterfront and tracks, too!  I love how it always ends up being such a different shoot each time I photograph a couple in Kingston Point Park, customized just for them.

HHP KT SunshineHHP KellyTonyE_0431 HHP KT BridgeHHP KellyTonyE_0160bHHP KT DetailsHHP KellyTonyE_0187 HHP KellyTonyE_0254HHP KT CuteHHP KellyTonyE_0458HHP KellyTonyE_0442HHP KellyTonyE_0487It was a beautiful day and such a lot of fun.   And now we all know each other a little better.  I love how relaxed and intimate they seem in this last photo.  It just makes the wait for their wedding day next year all the more deliciously difficult to bear!  🙂


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