Jason and Katie’s 10th {Long Island Anniversary Party}

For the past ten years, I have been secretly enjoying someone else’s marriage.  That of my sweet college friends, Jason and Katie.  And the other weekend, we all got to celebrate!

HHP SagHarbor14_0209Untitled-2HHP SagHarbor14_0234Untitled-1HHP SagHarbor14_0265HHP SagHarbor14_0305HHP SagHarbor14_0325Jason and KT collageHHP SagHarbor14_0335Cake collageHHP SagHarbor14_0360HHP SagHarbor14_0349HHP SagHarbor14_0371HHP SagHarbor14_0366Pinata collageHHP SagHarbor14_0278HHP SagHarbor14_0300HHP SagHarbor14_0394HHP SagHarbor14_0419HHP SagHarbor14_0429HHP SagHarbor14_0425HHP SagHarbor14_0424

Here’s to 10s of many more.  ❤

HHP SagHarbor14_0318


P.S.  See all the photos at their web gallery!

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