Long Island Vacation!

Modern art, ocean beaches, lighthouses, wine tasting, horseshoe crab encounters, fish shacks (dock– and road-side), ferries and boats, small town vignettes, historic features, farm stands, gourmet burgers and shakes, vintage dime-store thrills, sunshine and lots of family time.  This is my Hamptons.

HHP SagHarbor14_0009 Collage DiaHHP SagHarbor14_0064Collage Montauk2Collage Montauk1HHP SagHarbor14_0096Collage WolfferHHP SagHarbor14_0115HHP SagHarbor14_0138HHP SagHarbor14_0139Collage ClamBarHHP SagHarbor14_0184HHP SagHarbor14_0475Collage VignettesCollage BayStreetCollage FarmersMktCollage LTBurgerCollage SagHarborCollage Poignant


P.S.  See all the pretty beach pictures on Instagram!

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