Jessica & Rich {hiking engagement shoot on the Hudson}

Engagements come and go, and sometimes they do that so fast!  Before Jessica & Rich knew it, theirs was almost over.  So we stopped the planning for a couple hours and went out on a hike to see the Hudson River and enjoy the changing leaves.  It was the perfect way to get to know their angles and build their confidence in the photography before their wedding, with lots of laughs.  And now, before they know it, they’ll be married!

HHP Jess and RichHHP JessicaRichEn_0054HHP kissing by water and portraitHHP JessicaRichEn_0175HHP Rich and JessHHP JessicaRichEn_0136HHP in the treeHHP kissing in trees and by the waterHHP JessicaRichEn_0252HHP JessicaRichEn_0205HHP JessicaRichEn_0337-Hillary

P.S.  See all of the engagement photos on their web gallery.

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