Beyond the Selfie {photography class for middle schoolers}

Yesterday wrapped up a four-week workshop series I taught to a handful of middle schoolers through Kitchen Table Arts.  We looked at some of the giants in the history of art, and explored the basics of photography through self-portrait assignments.  The kids made awesome photos, some of which I’m posting here to make a sort of virtual exhibition for them.

Point of ViewCamryn POV DoF_0018 LionPOV_0011 LylePOV_0014 ZoePOV_0003Symbolism

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Camryn_0008 Lyle_0005 Zoe_0010Layering Meanings

Camryn_0010 Lion_0001 Lyle_0017 Zoe_0009Creating a Character

Eyes collage Faces collage Lyle_0003-1 Zoe_0004 Zoe_Persona0010Homeworkers

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ZnS Photography_0041We’ll be coming back with another series soon!



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