Heather & Tim’s New Baby

If you’re going to bring a new baby home and welcome her into a family with an adorable 3yo, you might just want to let Heather and Tim do it for you.  They are so wonderful at it!  Of course, it helps that my good friend, Tessa, is probably the sweetest kid around, and that this new baby is ridiculously delicious with her porcelain skin, fuzzy, red hair, and Tim’s slightly-furrowed brow.  But Heather is at it again crafting up a gorgeous and beautifully curated space for their new baby and growing family.  I’m the lucky one who got to visit them last weekend, make some photos of their beautiful family, and see how warm winter can be.

firstHHP HazelNewborn_0042bHHP HazelNewborn_0053secondHHP HazelNewborn_0348 HHP HazelNewborn_0082fourth thirdHHP HazelNewborn_0200b HHP HazelNewborn_0185HHP HazelNewborn_0328To health and happiness!


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