Harlan Hoffman, Choosing a Path with Heart {Art opening in West Palm Beach}

The paintings of Harlan Hoffman that fill the main gallery at the Armory Art Center span the past decade in his oeuvre.  Delicately rendered vessels, abstract compositions and color fields, and surreal dreamscapes, while different in subject, ultimately reveal the commonality of color arrangement and expressive brushwork.  The persimmon, a recurring theme in Hoffman’s personal vocabulary, embrace the elements of organic repetition and graceful form from his background as a designer.  The fruits also prove a compelling shape to hold the paint, proving a mainstay of his philosophy on painting which informs his teaching at the Armory.  As the show’s title, Choosing a Path with Heart, suggests, Hoffman paints from an intuitive place, allowing the paint to dictate the direction of each canvas.

Being my dad, I focused my photographs of the opening reception on the people enjoying his show!

HHP HarlanHoffman_0042HHP HarlanHoffman_0008 HHP HarlanHoffman_0021 HHP HarlanHoffman_0029 HHP HarlanHoffman_0037HHP HarlanHoffman_0046-2HHP HarlanHoffman_0066It was so nice going down to Florida for the weekend and have a little respite in the sunshine and warm breezes.

HHP HarlanHoffman_0004Hillary

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