How to Turn 40 {My Winter Escape to Tulum}

I know, I know.  Your 40s are the best time of your life.  40 is the new 30.  It’s just a number.  Blah blah blah.

I’m not afraid to admit it: every new decade birthday totally freaks me out.  This time, turning 40, the only way I could face it was by laying on a beach in Mexico with a lot of yoga, cocktails and the Caribbean Sea.

HHP Tulum2015_0373I ran away last week to Maya Tulum, probably the best place on Earth.  I slept next to the roaring sea, woke up to pelicans in the lagoon outside my room, and green juice (fresh-squeezed whatever they just picked with some chaya, or tree spinach) at breakfast, and walked over the sand to some delicious yoga.

HHP Tulum2015_0065HHP interesting things2 HHP Tulum2015_0356HHP interesting things6

Tulum, Mexico might be my perfect place, where beach bum culture and eco-consciousness meets fine dining.  (Where you go out to a fancy but affordable, scrumptious vegetarian meal in your bare feet.)  I spent every day outside, biking, touring, hiking, boating, floating, or laying in the sun, and the evenings under the stars with new friends.

HHP Tulum2015_0339HHP Tulum2015_0331 Our one-day tour guide, Antonio, from Sian Kaan took us into the Mexican jungle to see some exotic trees (chewing gum tree, burning poison tree, the antidote to the poison tree, incense sap trees,  and trees with termite trails).

HHP Tulum2015_0068HHP Tulum2015_0072HHP interesting things4HHP burning treeHHP interesting things1We sailed the Muyil Lagoon and floated down an ancient Mayan canal.

HHP Tulum2015_0234HHP Tulum2015_0195HHP Tulum2015_0157HHP Tulum2015_0151HHP Tulum2015_0190I rode a bike to the Tulum Ruins and soaked in the different colors of the Caribbean Sea.

HHP touristsHHP interesting things5I saw a dad with three kids on his scooter, and told my husband not to get any ideas!

HHP interesting things3I fell in love with the interesting shapes of Tulum.

HHP Tulum2015_0379HHP Tulum2015_0172HHP Mexican shapes1HHP Tulum2015_0078HHP Tulum2015_0143HHP Mexican shapes3HHP Mexican shapes2HHP Tulum2015_0111The weather was divine, the food was incredible (think fresh mango salad every day), the yoga kicked ass, the spa treatments were amazing (I got the Mayan honey treatment where they massage your whole body with warm honey!!), the people were lovely, and the whole place pampered me into my next decade of life.  It was pure heaven, just like being in my 40s will be.

HHP Tulum2015_0307I almost can’t wait to turn 50!



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