The Many Faces of Mika {professional headshots}

Things come full circle sometimes.  Like how I made headshots of Mika the other day, long after I made her first set back when we were in college.  That was a funny story.  Something about a really hot day in my college apartment and no ac, but she had to wear long sleeves, so I blasted her with a fan in between shots.  This time it was a little more civilized with four simple backdrops, some tinkling ice, lots of fun deciding jewelry and lipstick shades and necklines, and a collection of hundreds of images for her to choose from.  With professional headshots, you need a good mix between traditional (and within that, in both business and business-casual attire) and loose (for less formal situations like a social media presence).  These four show off the different shapes we make with light and color in my simple home studio space, as well as Mika’s gorgeous green eyes and her wonderful ability to look real and lovely for the camera.  Everyone should have some theater training and a dream up her sleeve.

MikaDashman1 MikaDashman2

Good luck, Mika!


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