Art for Families at HVCCA {Editorial Photography}

How is there a contemporary art museum so nearby that I haven’t visited?  When I heard that they also had children’s programming, it became a situation that I just had to remedy.  So I packed up the girls and headed out for a ladies day at the museum.

HHP HVCCA_0036HHP HVCCA_0007HHP HVCCA collage 2HHP HVCCA_0017HHP HVCCA_0050HHP HVCCA collage 1The space was a nice, do-able size, the art workshop led by local artist, Ori Alon, was totally fun and inspiring, and we made some sweet new friends.  Plus, I got to revisit the work of one of my favorite artists ever, Shirin Neshat, and to see that my littler lady was just as smitten with her was a total treat.

I wrote about it for Chronogram, so look for the Daily Dose on Monday, March 30th.



P.S.  See more like this one on Instagram.

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