Megan & Tony {Connecticut engagement session and site visit}

When you drive over to Connecticut to visit a home where a wedding will be held, you’re never sure what to expect.  It could be some grand estate or a cozy little home.  Or in the case of Megan and Tony’s place, it could be a beautiful, architectural gem situated in a quiet, unassuming neighborhood and surrounded by magical woods and vernal streams.  In other words, it could be a little parcel of heaven.

HHP MT collage1 HHP MeganTonyE_0111 HHP MeganTonyE_0114HHP MeganTonyE_0447HHP MeganTonyE_0132HHP MeganTonyE_0173HHP MeganTonyE_0066HHP MT collage2HHP MeganTonyE_0222HHP MT collage3HHP MeganTonyE_0346HHP MeganTonyE_0361HHP MT collage4HHP MeganTonyE_0393I’m already in love with their vintage-inspired liquor cabinet, the delicious brie, rosemary and fig jam snacks Megan whipped up, all the interesting features (like ceiling tiles as wall art!) they used to design their space and, of course, their three furry, friendly babies.  I’m so excited for their wedding, I could chase a ball down a bucolic lane in a light snowfall.


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