This is my last post!

After 11 exciting years in the wedding photography world, I’m closing up shop!

As some of you may know, I’ve been given the position of Kids & Family Editor at Chronogram Magazine. I’ll be delving deeper into that role, continuing with editorial and portrait photography, as well as nurturing my writing career whole-heartedly. And I’m doing a yoga teacher training!

It’s been incredibly rewarding and fun to work on people’s weddings, and I can’t thank everyone enough for including me in that (both couples and vendors). It’s been amazing to witness all that beauty and creativity and such a real honor!

So I’ve got a new blog, a new logo, and updated social media, and I hope you’ll continue to visit me.

Learn more about my photography and writing adventures at my revamped website.


Along with a regular supply of pretty pictures and interesting stories, I’ll be blogging there about art, parenting, yoga, travel, and food.  You might like to bookmark me!

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